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Money Spells
hen creating money spells always remember that there is a natural balance to things, so when you receive any money always be sure to give some away ,whether this is to a charity or simply giving some to someone in need. You cannot upset the natural balance.

Trinka Five Money Draw SpellRomany Gypsy
This is an old Romany gypsy spell. I am not sure who gave me it but thank you whoever you are. This spell is simplicity in itself and very useful for drawing money to you. I can't promise that it will make you rich, but it WILL make sure you always have just enough.

Best Performance Day: Thursday

Moon Phase: Waxing or Full

A bowl ~ it should be something special, preferably metal, but china will do just as well.
Three coins of any denomination ~ copper or silver, pennies or pounds.

This spell should be performed every day at about the same time for 7 days starting on a Thursday (this is the best day for any spells involving money).
Take the three coins in your dominant hand ( the one you write with! ) and say the following over them as you drop one coin into the bowl.

Trinka Five, Trinka Five,
Ancient spirits come alive,
Make money grow, make money thrive,
Spirits of the Trinka Five.

Repeat this with the other two coins and put the bowl out of the way in a place where you can see it until the following day when you will need to repeat the spell. Do the same for 7 days without fail and thereafter whenever you happen to pass the bowl.(Preferably about once a week on a Thursday.) Do not take any money from the bowl until it is overflowing.


Green Candle Money Spell
When you are really desperate for a certain amount of money this will help to enhance your chances of bringing the money you need to you.

Best Performance Day:

Moon Phase:
Waxing or Full

A green candle ~
taper, dinner or spell type
A pin ~
the kind you would find in a sewing basket
Vegetable Oil ~
any kind will do
Dried Basil ~
Homegrown or shop bought, makes no difference

Take your candle and enscribe your name and how much you need (the exact amount... don't be greedy, no adding extras!) down the length of the candle using the pin.
Anoint the candle with the vegetable oil, avoiding the wick ( in other words, rub oil all over the candle!), then roll the candle in the basil.
Place the candle in a candle holder (or an old wine bottle! )and say the following as you light it.

Money come and money grow
Money be mine, and to me flow.

Let the candle burn down completely...DO NOT BLOW IT OUT!

Love Spells

ove Box Spell
This is a great spell to use if you are single and know what you want from a relationship. And the best thing about it is that you can add to it as time goes by, so if the relationship does not work, re-write or add to the spell being MORE specific, re-cleanse the spell box and start again.

Best Performance Day: Friday

Moon Phase:
Waxing or Full

A box ~ Any kind will do but I prefer to use a fancy wooden one (you can pick them up cheaply from charity shops).
piece of blank paper ~ A4 or A5 size or any writing paper will do (If you are being REALLY specific use A4! You can get more on it!)
A pen ~
Doesn't have to be anything special...just so long as it works!
alt ~
the kind you use for chips/french fries is fine. :o)

s this spell needs to be performed on a Friday, you will need to cleanse your spell box 24 hours before using it. To do this, fill your spell box with salt on Thursday and leave for 24 hours.
On Friday you are ready to begin to create your spell. Take your piece of paper and write down everything you want (and don't want) from a relationship. You need to be very specific or it may attract the wrong type of person. Include something that may help you to recognise the person.
When you have finished, fold the paper three times and put it in the spell box, and put it away somewhere where you will forget about it. For example; on the top of a kitchen cupboard. This spell works over a period of time so don't be in a rush.
Remember this spell will NOT attract a specific person that you already like, so no writing down the name of a person, as it will backfire.

Love Finding E-mail Spell
Another simple spell that takes little time to do.

Best Performance Day:

Moon Phase:
Waxing or Full

A computer! ~ With E-mail capability obviously! :o)

Very similar to the love box spell. Write an e-mail stating what you want (and don't want) from a relationship. BE VERY SPECIFIC!
When you have finished send the e-mail to yourself and delete it.
The idea of this is that it will be sent out across the internet and the perfect person for you will contact you within about 3 weeks. (Remember to unblock your message service!) I have had EXCELLENT results from this spell.


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moon phases

To draw something to you, you would perform a spell under a waxing or new moon.

For the most powerful magic a full moon is the best.

To get rid of something you would use a waning or old moon.

Many practicioners of magic prefer to use the powers of the moon to perform their spells. This is known as Moon Magic.


Days of the Week

In spellcraft each day of the week is ruled by a different planet and is used for different things.

Ruled by the Sun, use this day to perform spells relating to business, promotions, professional success, friendship, mental and physical health.

Ruled by the Moon, this day is best used for all things relating to women, also the home, family, the garden, travel, psychic development and medicine.

Ruled by Mars, this is day is best used for all things relating to men, also conflict, physical endurance, lust, sports, any kind of competition, political endeavours and for surgical procedures.

Ruled by Mercury, this is the best day for anything relating to inspiration, understanding and communication, writing, poetry, learning, teaching and self improvement.

Ruled by Jupiter, use this day for anything regarding material gain, gambling, luck, prosperity, general success and legal matters.

Ruled by Venus, use this day for anything relating to matters of the heart, love, luxury comfort, arts, music and pleasure.

Ruled by Saturn, use this day for anything relating to life lessons, karma, reincarnation, long term projects, the elderly, death, and for getting rid of pests and disease.

Sea Sprite says:
I did the email/relationship spell. Not only did I find my now husband from a communal interest on line - but he is as described on the tin!"


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